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AT MY INSURANCE: the broker for all your projects

Independent of all insurance companies, the broker is authorized by his client to take stock of his personal and professional situation, in order to provide him with the best solutions that meet his needs.

AVEC MON ASSUREUR is a company based in Lyon that supports you in all your life projects: buying your main residence, protecting your family, saving for your pension, changing your loan insurance… Insurance brokerage allows, in a very competitive and technical market , to compare and find the best offer for your various projects.

In France, there are two types of brokers: brokers specializing in property insurance and brokers specializing in personal insurance. AVEC ON ASSUREUR has decided to specialize in personal insurance, which includes life accidents, health care, savings, pension… Their role is to be the privileged interlocutor for insurance companies and customers. Today, AVEC MON ASSUREUR has referred to more than 20 insurance companies and is fully aware of their various specificities.

This 4-person firm supports professionals but also individuals throughout France in matters of loan insurance, social protection, savings, pensions and real estate financing. Regarding loan insurance, it is also possible to request a quote online for free.

Initially, AVEC MON INSUREUR analyzes the client’s situation, his current and future needs, then proposes a solution and advises. It is important for them to always be available and responsive and to establish an effective relationship with their customers in full trust and transparency.

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