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Which health insurance for a micro-entrepreneur?

You have decided to start your business and have chosen the status of micro-entrepreneur? If certain business insurance is necessary depending on your activity, do not forget to insure yourself personally with a mutual health insurance company to supplement the reimbursements from Social Security. How to find a good mutual for micro-entrepreneurs? We guide you.

Micro-entrepreneur: should you take out mutual insurance?

It will depend on your specific situation. Mutual health insurance has been compulsory insurance for all employees in the private sector since 2016. Employers must therefore offer their employees a collective mutual insurance agreement, to which they pay at least 50% of the contribution. As a micro-entrepreneur, two situations also arise:

  • The micro-enterprise is your only activity: you have no obligation to take out supplementary health insurance;
  • You are a micro-entrepreneur in your spare time and at the same time have a salaried job in the private sector: You must take out your employer’s mutual insurance.

I find the best health insurance

The guarantees of complementary health for a micro-entrepreneur

When you are a micro-entrepreneur, if you do not have collective mutual insurance, it is necessary to find the best insurance agreement according to your profile. There is a wide range of guarantees from mutual health insurance, namely:

  • Consultations with generalists and specialists;
  • Technical actions;
  • Medical Imaging ;
  • Drugstore ;
  • Optics (glasses and lenses);
  • Dental (implants, dentures, orthodontics);
  • Hospitalization ;
  • Transport by ambulance;
  • Natural healing;
  • Birth bonus;
  • Preventive actions;
  • Etc.

Insurance companies offer almost the same guarantees. What you should look at before taking out health insurance for micro-entrepreneurs is the level of these, especially for care that is poorly reimbursed by Social Security or not reimbursed, namely:

  • Fee overruns: they are used by health professionals in sector 2. We are talking about excess fees when the invoiced amount is higher than the social security agreement rate. You must therefore choose a high reimbursement percentage (ideally between 150 and 200% minimum);
  • The optics: glasses are very poorly reimbursed by the health insurance (9 øre). Therefore, choose an optical package in line with your usual expenses;
  • The dentist: if you need dentures, the Social Security reimbursement is again not up to your expenses. To limit the remaining charge, the dental package must be high;
  • Alternative medicine: acupuncture, osteopathy, all this is not reimbursed. Also, if you are a fan of alternative medicine, be sure to take out a supplementary health insurance that offers a comfortable package every year;
  • Hospitalization costs: if you have to be hospitalized, make sure your mutual insurance fully reimburses the accommodation expenses as well as the private room, which is never covered by the compulsory scheme.

In addition to all these guarantees, a good mutual for micro-entrepreneurs must have high compensation caps, low waiting times and reasonable exclusions to limit the risk of non-reimbursement.

I find the best health insurance

Can you benefit from Madelin’s Law as a micro-entrepreneur?

The mutual law Madelin is a real advantage for entrepreneurs. The size of the contributions is indeed deductible in the company’s result, which makes it possible to limit taxation. Be careful though, as a micro-entrepreneur you cannot deduct a fee from your result. Obviously, you cannot claim on Madelin’s mutual insurance.

The price of mutual insurance for a micro-entrepreneur

The price of mutual health insurance for micro-entrepreneurs is far from fixed.In fact, insurance companies will assess the level of risk and consider the amount of refunds to determine the size of the contribution.

They will take into account the following elements:

  • The level of the guarantee: a basic guarantee with low refunds is cheaper than a full guarantee;
  • Subscriber’s age: The older the insured, the higher the price for equal guarantees;
  • The number of beneficiaries: the more people the mutual has to protect, the more expensive your contract will be;
  • Your place of residence: In some departments, excess charges are higher than in others, at a great cost to the mutual insurance companies, which, it must be remembered, are the only ones who cover them.

How do you pay less for your health insurance?

To find one cheap mutual insurance for a micro-entrepreneur , it is necessary to compare the offers, even if you are already insured. Remember that you can now terminate the contract at any time after one year without giving a reason.

The mutual insurance comparator helps you find the best contract at the best price.Complete a short form indicating the level of cover you want, particularly for consultations, opticians, dentists and hospitalisation. We then offer you quotes from different insurance companies with the guarantees, coverage levels and the prices charged.

By comparing, you can no longer pay too much for the same guarantees. Moreover, this online tool is an incredible time saver. No need to request quotes on different sites, everything is centralized. Finally, it is free and without obligation, why deprive yourself of such an opportunity to be perfectly insured while controlling your budget?



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