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Cat found in suitcase during airport check

Cats are big fans of unusual places, like… suitcases. Adobe Stock

The scene took place at JFK airport in New York.

Life often holds surprises. And some are worth seeing. This Tuesday, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the US agency that manages transportation security, made a discovery that was at least unique, even “historic”. On social networks, the organization shared photos of one of its scanners, where you can see… a cat.

The little ball of fur was found alive in a suitcase by agents at JFK airport in New York. “TSA officer shocked to find ginger cat inside JFK checked-in luggage after x-raying it”, TSA spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein said on Twitter. The baggage in question was checked in by a traveler bound for Orlando, Florida with a connection in Atlanta.

How did the animal get there?

“The traveler said the cat belonged to someone else [vivant chez lui]. The advantage is that the cat is out of the bag and safe.”, Lisa Farbstein added in this same tweet. This incredible story dates back to November 16, as revealed by NBC News. And it could have turned into a tragedy if the cat had to go through hell in the hold.

One question remains: how did the animal end up there? According to the TSA, the little rascal would have seen the open suitcase and would have jumped in before the traveler could notice. A more than likely hypothesis when you know felines’ passion for sneaking into unusual places. “It’s like a cat bed. Cats like spaces surrounded by barriers.said Katherine Houpt, a Cornell University professor and animal behavior expert, when interviewed by NBC News. A tip to avoid this kind of incident: Pack your suitcase on a raised support, away from the envious gaze of the little furball.

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