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Who is the Advocate General who requested the trial of Jack S. before the criminal court of Hérault?

“You, you could make love with any woman? It’s important, the physical criterion, right? » “How many women would want to make love with you when they see you? Me, I have my little idea: close to zero. “Did you cum?” Did they enjoy? » These comments were made on Thursday, October 28, by Advocate General Robert Bartoletti at the trial of Jack S., tried for “surprise rape” before the Montpellier criminal court.

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In his indictment delivered the next day against this septuagenarian who, a few years earlier, passed himself off as a 38-year-old playboy on dating sites, Mr. Bartoletti had denounced “a particularly cynical predator” who “took the psychological ascendancy over his victims, succeeded in dominating them, in subduing them”. “We are, in this file, in full in the phenomenon of influence. We have perfectly identified his type of prey, particularly fragile women,” had added the representative of the prosecution before requesting twelve years of criminal imprisonment against “this guy who, after six years of proceedings, is still as straight in his boots”. Jack S. was sentenced on Friday, October 29, to eight years in prison.

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Upon discovering these remarks and the name of the person who made them, several magistrates felt a deep sense of unease. Robert Bartoletti is, in fact, no stranger to the Chancellery. On November 21, 2008, while he was serving as public prosecutor in Chambéry, he was the subject of disciplinary proceedings before the Superior Council of the Judiciary (CSM) for “breach of the duty of impartiality”, “breach of the duty of sensitivity with regard to justice” and “breach of the duty of probity”. Like all decisions rendered in disciplinary matters, this one – anonymized – is published on the CSM website under number P0 60.

“Lack of dignity”

The charges against him are as follows. In his duties as prosecutor in Chambéry, Robert Bartoletti is seized of criminal proceedings following neighborhood disturbances. He decides to initiate mediation between the parties. After summoning, alone, X., he calls her back for a second interview after which he invites her to lunch. An intimate relationship develops between them. Having become this woman’s lover, Mr. Bartoletti continues to deal with the procedure in which she is implicated and pronounces a dismissal. Heard during the disciplinary investigation, Mrs. X. declared that, from their first interview, the prosecutor “had behaved in a familiar way so that she understood that she was interested in him”.

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