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Western United States faces ‘mega-drought’

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According to the latest data from the US Department of Agriculture, more than 20% of the land in the western states of the country is classified as experiencing extreme or exceptional drought. Blame it on the vagaries of the climate, but also on human activity and the overuse of water for agriculture.

The conclusion is clear. According to the Department of Agriculture, the drought in the western United States during the summer of 2021 exceeded all past droughts in the region since 2000. And it could be worse this year 2022. The conditions drought conditions are most severe in the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Montana and New Mexico. This year again, the inhabitants of these States will have to reduce their water consumption. Lakes Powell and Mead, which feed Nevada, Arizona and California, thanks to dams that hold back water from Colorado, are at their lowest. With global warming, the snow cover of the mountains is thinner, the level of the Colorado River is therefore lower and the reservoirs no longer fill. This represents a danger for the very many farms in California, established in places already not conducive to intensive agriculture. “These dams meant that we were able to get through temporary droughts, one or two dry years with not enough snow. But here we have reached the limits of the development of the American West,” explains David Blanchon, a specialist in drought phenomena in the southwestern United States. It is a file ofAnaelle Larue.

Is Haiti able to receive Haitian migrants turned away from the United States?

The current situation in Haiti does not justify derogatory measures for Haitian migrants who want to come to the United States “. Those who entered American soil illegally are therefore sent home. This is the declaration of Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of Homeland Security of the United States at the microphone of RFI when asked if Haiti is safe enough to return Haitian migrants there. The Biden administrator, despite the promises, has indeed not moved since the Trump years, and despite the security situation in Haiti, the United States continues to deport migrants who have arrived on their territory.

Maduro and Petro discuss reopening of border between Colombia and Venezuela

Colombian President-elect Gustavo Petro spoke with his Venezuelan counterpart Nicolas Maduro about their common desire to restore border travel, which has been severely restricted since 2019 due to the cessation of diplomatic relations between the two countries. “We discussed the desire to restore normality at the borders, various issues on peace and the prosperous future of the two peoples”, tweeted Nicolas Maduro. Elected on June 19, 2022, the first left-wing president in the history of Colombia, Gustavo Petro had announced during the campaign that he wanted to normalize relations between the two countries. He said he spoke “with the Venezuelan government to open the borders and restore the full exercise of human rights”.

And on the front page of the newspaper of the 1time

The disappointing 2022 sugar campaign ended on the island of Marie Galante.




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