Why does it become complicated to feed my dog ​​or cat? – Economy

Like any member of the family, Médor and Pitchoune take their share of the sky-high food budget. In one year, the prices of animal products have increased by 13.56% according to the NielsenIQ company – and this is even more for the first prices. Dogs and cats also bear the brunt of the war in Ukraine, and for good reason: their favorite croquettes and terrines contain all the raw materials in tension.

Rarer and more expensive meat

“In terms of inflation, we tick all the boxes”, confirm Laurence Hamonou and Christelle Cariou, respectively commercial director and director of the factory Fidèle (Le Graët group), in Graces (22). “Between the poultry market affected by bird flu, the pork market affected by swine fever and the beef market with livestock losses, meat is becoming scarce. Since the beginning of 2022, it has increased by about 40%” .

A heavy post for the last French wet animal feed cannery (terrines, dumplings, pâtés), which employs 80 people and whose preparations consist of 90% meat and offal. “From France, like 80% of our raw materials, and especially from the great West”, emphasize the managers. This is also the case for fish, which in turn suffers from the increase in the price of diesel and for vegetables, “if the drought has greatly reduced yields”.

Meeting delivery deadlines is a daily struggle because tensions are at every level

Skyrocketing price of packaging

Fidèle, which has a turnover of 40 million euros, 30% of which is exported, uses virtually no grain or animal fat, unlike dry-foot producers. But the Costa Rican company, which produces both for distributor brands and for specialized circuits under its own “Petite Balade” brand, has to deal with other rapidly increasing expense items. “Steel for tin cans has taken 50 per cent. The price of cardboard packaging is increasing, including paper labels. Our chains, which operate in 3/8, we are not immune to the increase in gas and electricity, no more than fuel in the transport chapter”, states Christelle Cariou.

Supply interruptions

These are all reasons why the price of pet food is skyrocketing on the shelves. And that supply interruptions are observed from time to time.

“Meeting delivery deadlines is a daily struggle because tensions are at all levels, from the lack of pallets to label orders that must be anticipated more than two months in advance… An unprecedented situation”, notes Laurence Hamonou.

A testimony that reflects the daily difficulties of the entire sector (40 production units in France) in a rapidly growing market. For its part, Facco (the association of food manufacturers for dogs, cats, birds and other animals) mentions a turnover of “more than 3 billion euros”. An amount is probably exceeded given that the references offered have become more exclusive (organic, without salt, in freshness bags, etc.) and the peak of the number of adoptions registered during the health crisis: one French household out of two has now a pet, making 15 million cats and 7.5 million dogs to feed…

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