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Why is my cat rolling on the floor? 9 possible reasons

Your cat is behaving strangely: he meows and rolls on the floor… What if he wanted to tell you something, but you don’t understand him?

We are still far from fully understanding animal language. And even smaller cats, who are much more reserved than their canine friends, despite the years with them. However, each gesture always has a meaning in the animal. Thus, if you find yourself in front of a cat that rolling on the ground, you should pay special attention to it. You may be missing an important message that your partner is trying to communicate to you.

1- He gets relief from some itching

One of the most obvious reasons why everyone believes is that they want to relieve some itching. But as funny as it may seem, your cat’s gesticulations may mean he’s not doing it cannot reach a certain part of his body. He thus expresses his frustration by rolling and meowing. On the other hand, if he does it too regularly, the little cat could be a victim of flea attacks.

A cat rolling over on its back

Therefore, the best thing would be to have him take an anti-flea bath, provided he does not see any discomfort. Another option is to administer one flea lotion, to worm its waste and then brush its fur. This will relieve him a little. Don’t hesitate to pet it either.

2- To remove dead hair

In some cases, cats roll around get rid of dead hair on their coat. Also, dogs do the same. This is reassuring behavior because it avoid swallowing these hairs when they lick each other. This allows them to partially preserve their health. If you have time, brush your cat with one rubber brush.

The dead hair of a cat

To will help it remove unwanted hair. However, be sure to always brush the animal in the direction of the hair. You can also do it daily to help your cat clean up.

3- It is hot and the cat is trying to cool down

In a poorly ventilated housethe heat may cause itching in felines. You may have noticed that in the summer it is not uncommon for your cats to roll around everywhere, especially on especially shady places. It can be the terrace, materials made of granite or sand. Also note that felines have one high body temperature.

A cat on the terrace

A priori, cats like to sunbathe, take a nap near a heater or sleep on their chest and knees. That said, excess heat can become a source of stress in cats just like dogs. Do too pay attention to the duration of the itch. If hours go by without it stopping and several days, at worst years, have passed, it is safer to notify your veterinarian. If this behavior is accompanied by other signs, such as sudden weight loss and diarrhea, your cat is likely an abnormality.

4- A gesture to mark your territory

Cats communicate a lot via the smell. They massage their cheeks or head to spread their scents, signaling their presence. It is a way for them to impose their authority on their territory. If your cat rubs on your feet, it is probably to mark you with its smell signature. This is how he warns other felines that you belong to him. This is one of the reasons that can lead cats to roll on the ground and on almost any surface they can. it is warn their potential rivalsbecause cats are protective and possessive by nature.

5- It is the heating period

Sometimes cats roll on the floor to escape pheromones. By placing them on the ground, they attract all males nearby. That chemical messages issued by small glands localized in certain parts of their body. These include the tail, back and head. Although humans cannot detect these odors, males can smell pheromones from about a mile away. This is how they give at the same time, the green light to mate.

Sexual activity in cats

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6- It’s time to play

Cats have a variety of ways to send you a message indicating theirs want to play. For example, you wanted to know about your little cat want to play if he throws himself on the ground by biting an object or a toy, but also if he rolls on the ground. It’s not just an impression, cats know that their master enjoys watching them play. When you have time, try to join his game. Furthermore, it is well known that cats are insistent when they want something. Sometimes they can be surprisingly strategic to share these messages with you. They may manifest this envy towards their masters, other felines and even dogs or other animal companions.

7- To get your attention

A cat’s boredom can come from inattention on the part of its owner. When you are busy all the time, your cat will do anything to attract your curiosity. Generally he lays his back on the ground and shows you his belly and waves to you. This gesture is often accompanied by a light mewing. These behaviors are signs to convince you of that take care of him.

A cat rolling on the floor

8- To stretch

Years go by and you still don’t understand the attitude towards your hairball? Well, he can reach for have done a siesta or after sitting for a while. And for that he can scratch your sofa or roll on the floor. Cats actually need regular stretch, just like people and your dog. This allows them to regulate their blood circulation, remove carbon dioxide and lactic acid. Basically, they are the health conscious type. It also keeps his muscles awake and flexible so they can be ready attack quickly.

9- Express a sense of well-being and security

It also happens that the cat rolls on the ground to transfer to you a message of well-being and happiness, still followed by a meow. Do little rolls in front of you, grooming you, rubbing his face on you, showing you his belly, asking you to caress it and using your warmth to moan over you… These are proof of absolute trust towards you and a message of friendship. Note that cats rarely trust beings, whether human or animal. So be proud that he accepts you as a friend!



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