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why the suicide of the former lawyer raises questions?

Sunday, March 17, 2013around 8:00 a.m., the couple of caretakers and gardeners of Boedic Island, off Vannes, in the Gulf of Morbihan, is intrigued by the silence that reigns in the large farmhouse they can see from their windows. Usually, the occupant of the premises, the Parisian lawyer Olivier Metzner,
is much earlier.

We see him strolling on this private pebble of 7 and a half hectares that he bought three years earlier. The 19th century mansion, two other houses, including that of the caretakers and a chapel. Metzner, one of today’s most prominent and talented lawyers engulfed more than three million euros in the adventure.

The sitter goes to the farmhouse, no lights on. She pushes the door, calls but receives no echo. The house is empty. In the living room, on a table, three sealed envelopes, placed in plain view. A word : “Don’t look for me, I’m gone“. And a list of private phone numbers to call.

A disturbing disappearance

During this time, the guard then sees a man lying on the beach island sand. He is rushing. It is indeed the body ofOlivier Metzner, 63 years old. The emergency services do not notice any trace of violence on the victim. The house is not in disorder, no sign of struggle in the rooms of the vast residence.

Autopsy confirms death by drowning “without traces of intervention by a third party”, assures the prosecutor. Me Metzner would have swallowed alcohol and drugs before his death, between midnight and 3:00 am. He would have let himself drift before throwing himself into the icy water.

The guest of the show:

Sophie Bonnetinvestigative journalist and author of the book “The Master and the Assassin” at Robert Laffont

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