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You should cut these three things out of your Christmas dinner

To have fun and avoid discomfort after the holidays, certain foods should be avoided on Christmas Eve. A brief overview.

Party meals are often an opportunity to eat and drink too much. An attitude that can cause some discomfort. So to avoid spending the end of the year bedridden, certain types of behavior should be avoided. The British Heart Foundation has issued some recommendations as the final preparations are put in place.

As a first step, she advises reducing the consumption of garnishes on festive evenings. As she reminds us, “lean” meats and vegetables can be healthy, but fillings and sauces can be “full of fat and salt”. Another piece of advice and not least important: avoid chocolate and vol-au-vents, which are always very popular at this time of year. “They add unnecessary and unwanted calories. Cakes, butter and cream are full of them,” explained the institution, while suggesting to “cook” or “bring” healthy food instead.

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6,000 calories on Christmas Day

Most people consume an average of 6,000 calories on Christmas Day, often from overly rich and overly sweet foods that contain harmful gut bacteria. Research has also shown that cholesterol levels can be up to 20% higher after the holiday season.

Faced with this observation, dietitian Reema Patel suggests in particular to stock up on prebiotics (foods from intestinal bacteria) and probiotics (live microorganisms that have positive effects on health) in order to have good intestinal health and start 2023 in the best possible direction. The former is found in garlic, onions, leeks, oats, apples, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, carrots, parsnips and kale. The other, those, in yogurt, sourdough and fermented cheese.

“Including probiotic foods in our diet regularly can be a good start” for good health, she concluded.

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