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Young people go into the river with crocodiles to save an abandoned dog

Near the banks of the Viejo River in Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico, an unprecedented event has occurred. A dog was apparently left at the expense of the current, which aroused the commotion of the inhabitants. The authorities have been notified to organize a possible rescue of the canine.

However, the little dog was in a very compromising position, leading the two designated rescuers to conclude that it was best to leave things as they were. The harsh conclusion that the dog handlers have come to is that the canine must leave on its own.

The authorities’ decision angered neighbors. Government entities have reminded citizens that they are there to help people in difficulty, “as long as the action taken has a better chance of going well”.

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Young people go into the river with crocodiles to save an abandoned dog

Since the dog couldn’t get out of there on its own, two young local men decided to do something about it. At the risk of their lives, they decided to accept a mission from which they might not be able to return alive. Moreover, the danger increased when young people men saw a crocodile nearby.

These two young people therefore approached the animal with great caution. When one of them managed to grab the dog, for some unknown reason, the crocodile then decided to leave the area and leave. Apparentlythe presence of improvised rescuers affected the behavior of the reptile.

The possibility of losing the life of the rescuers was very high, but that did not stop the young men from taking the risk of trying. With the canine in her arms, one of them started to go up. To calm the dog, they even had to spoil it.

The rescue was successful, although it goes without saying that copying these dangerous actions is not recommended at all. Courage can sometimes cloud reason, but sometimes the love of animals trumps everything.



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