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Creation of the law firm Lamoureux Paris

Holder of a DEA in contract law issued by the University of Paris XI and after numerous legal experiences, initially in the audiovisual sector from 1999 to 2004 SKYROCK – Orbus Group, Frédéric Lamoureux was the holding legal director for 12 years and general secretary for 10 years of the Duval Group.from 2004 to 2020, employing today more than 5,000 employees, particularly in the real estate, tourism and golf sectors. There forged a solid experience in business consulting and executive support.

Frédéric Lamoureux has accompanied listed and unlisted companies, family offices, and entrepreneurs.

Frédéric Lamoureux was also consular judge at the Paris Commercial Court for 5 years.

Frederic Lamoureux has just created his law firm with the culture of rigor, service and technical excellence that he imposed on himself in the company, in order to deliver to his customers tailor-made services with a high degree of requirement by allowing them to benefit from his experiences acquired within companies and in litigation.

Frederic Lamoureux makes it its mission to be the legal guarantor of the decisions and actions of its clients : companies, entrepreneurs, funds and family offices, in order to make law not a source of constraints, but a vector of growth. What does Frédéric Lamoureux aim for for his clients? Security and legal engineering essential to the achievement of ambitious entrepreneurial operations.

Because firm dedicated to business lawFrédéric Lamoureux now works in all areas of corporate life: Corporate and commercial law, commercial and financing contracts, Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Equity, commercial litigation and insolvency proceedings.



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