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Americans live under the tyranny of a pro-gun, anti-abortion minority

It’s not hard to connect the dots. They are so close. And for good reason, it is the entry and exit points of bullets that bruise American society, victim of a subculture that reveres firearms.

While on the one hand Texas tightened the conditions of access to abortion, on the other it has continued to relax those on weapons. These weapons are the symbol of a very particular vision of masculinity centered on total freedom, power, domination, a soldier’s identity where the mere possession of a weapon makes you a commander, and everyone else a potential target.

A state of mind where fear fuels aggression and where the rights of gun owners are such that no one has the right to be protected from the madmen of the trigger. Today, this vision is part of a warrior cult fostered by white supremacists.

Any place where these weapons are brandished is a war zone, which could be a way of saying that the United States is in the throes of a war that is difficult to describe as “civil”. The vast majority of the population is supposed to accept these large caliber weapons of war which were never designed for civilian use and which are constantly being used in mass shootings against civilians.

The cult of arms and massacres”

At the end of May, in Uvalde, Texas, 19 elementary school children and 2 teachers were murdered by an 18-year-old teenager who had been allowed to buy the semi-automatic weapon and the hundreds of bullets with which he killed them.

Back when the Second Amendment was added to the US Constitution, it took about a minute to reload a gun, and none could fire more than one bullet. In 2017, the Las Vegas killer fired more than a thousand bullets from his hotel room window, killing 60 people in just ten minutes. The teenager who killed 10 black customers and a security guard at a Buffalo supermarket was not part of an organized paramilitary group; no more than the anti-Semite who killed 11 people in the Pittsburgh synagogue; or the homophobe who slaughtered 49 people and injured 53 others in an Orlando club; or even the butcher of El Paso which left 23 dead and 23 injured; and the Newtown, Connecticut killer who claimed 26 lives, including 20 children aged 6 or 7.

To satisfy the requirements of this cult of weapons and massacre, at school, teachers and children submit to exercises, which constantly remind them that one day someone may come and assassinate them.

To meet the demands of this cult, schools spend millions of dollars on their security, securing their buildings and organizing education and training a

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Source of the article

The Guardian (London)

Independence and quality characterize this title born in 1821, which counts among its ranks some of the most respected columnists in the country. The Guardian is the reference newspaper for the intelligentsia, teachers and trade unionists. Oriented to the center left, he is very critical of the Conservative government.
Unlike other British reference dailies, the newspaper has chosen a site with free access, which it shares with its Sunday edition, The Observer. The two press titles switched to tabloid format in 2018. This decision was part of a logic of cost reduction, while The Guardian had been losing money continuously for twenty years. A successful strategy: in May 2019, the editorial director, Katharine Viner, announced that the newspaper was profitable, a first since 1998.

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