An abandonment requires immediate intervention by firefighters and law enforcement.

Last July, repeated barking in an apartment challenged the neighborhood. A report is then made to the SPA, which considers the situation very worrying and sends reinforcements to the scene. The report is alarming: two animals have been left behind.

Several days had passed since the screams had stopped Hugoa Terrier 10 years old, echoed in a building in the municipality Rhône. According to News Lyonthe neighbors, alerted, contacted SPA in Lyon to express their concern. The latter, unfortunately used to cases of negligence, quickly decided to intervene.

Investigators from the association, a team of gendarmes and firefighters were called.

Absolute nut

Firefighters gained access to the residence using a ladder and were allowed to break open the window to gain entry. Everyone entered, and the scene before their eyes was chilling: Hugoas well as a 4-year-old cat named Elvis, was alone in the house, under an unbreathable heat. They had been there for a week.

And as if the horror of the situation wasn’t enough, the two had neither water nor food. That SPA noticed: “ The total absence of excrement in the apartment would lead one to believe that these poor animals were forced to eat their excrement in order to survive. “.

The poor were in a sorry state. Firstly, Hugo, who had been locked in the kitchen, suffered from dehydration, anxiety and poor general health. On the other hand, the feline Elvis was also abnormally thin and thirsty.

An irresponsible master

Faced with the cruelty of these images, the local authorities managed to contact the owner of the apartment and noted with astonishment that the latter was almost indifferent to the situation: “ He remained vague on the date of his return and seemed unconcerned about the future of his animals. ” testify SPAwho did not want to stop there.

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In a publication regarding Facebookshe claims to have filed a complaint for ” Voluntary abandonment, severe abuse and cruelty, lack of water and food and lack of identification » and would like to achieve « The permanent ban on keeping animals for the owner. Something to make the owner aware of the seriousness of his actions.

Waiting, Hugo and Elvis was supported by SPA and receive the necessary care. They will be put up for adoption when they come back.

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