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what is it used for in a car contract?

The legal protection of a car insurance contract can provide you with legal assistance if you have a dispute with a third party. You will thus be able to represent and defend yourself in a procedure before the courts or in a mediation procedure.

The guarantee intervenes if you want to receive compensation for damages caused by third parties, if you want to be defended against damages you may have caused to third parties, or if you want to get advice from an expert or a lawyer.

An optional warranty

The minimum insurance is a third-party insurance which only takes into account the damage you have caused. Even in the case of extended third parties, the legal protection guarantee is not obtained. This is an option that you are requesting and will be subject to an amendment to your contract.

Only the all-risk warranty may include this warranty; check with your insurance company or broker. Its standalone subscription costs between €70 and €100 per year.

Disputes with a garage are covered by the warranty

The legal protection of your car insurance covers all disputes related to your car (accident, garage, theft, etc.). It can intervene in connection with the purchase (case of latent defect), sale or rental of a vehicle or in the event of a dispute about a repair or a dispute about a technical inspection.

Be careful to check the intervention threshold and waiting time. Below a certain amount, the insurance company can refuse to intervene. Regarding the waiting time, it varies depending on the insurance company.

A guarantee for the family

The legal protection guarantee makes it possible to cover all members of the same household, or at least all the people specified in the contract, and even the passengers of a car in the event of an accident.

The operation of this cover also requires access to tailored assistance services, personal support from the insurance company and professionals specially appointed for the occasion. In all cases, the choice of lawyer rests with the insured.

Limits and exclusions

The legal protection is subject to a reimbursement ceiling, which your insurance company must notify you of. It may also include certain exceptions or territorial restrictions (often only EU countries are covered). So take the time to re-read the general conditions of use in your contract before initiating legal action.

Before starting a procedure, you should notify your insurance company, who can then accept whether or not you want to take responsibility for the case.



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