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At the window of his apartment, he films a fantastic scene when he sees the neighbor’s cat spying on him

We’ve all met the gaze of an unfamiliar cat, whether it’s a neighbor’s or a random one on the street, but probably not in the way you’re going to discover in this article!

Credit: bennynazareth / TikTok

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Meeting a cat can be done in different ways, especially by rubbing the face on the shins or tender meows, which only they have the secret of. But TikTok user @bennynazareth saw his neighbor’s cat for the first time under particularly original circumstances, and to our delight, he was able to film the scene.

Their meeting took place while both were standing by the window of their respective apartments in Milan, Italy. And the timing was just awkward. There’s no telling what went through the neighbor’s cat’s mind when she leaned out to lick the sun, only to have to share the moment with a strange neighbor. That being said, one thing is for sure, the two strangers will no doubt remember this moment for a long time.

@bennynazareth Creepy neighbor #viral #neiperte #perte #foryou #virale #catsoftiktok #cat #stalker #videoviral original sound – Daycore ver.

A video that went viral

The video quickly went viral on TikTok, where it already has nearly 4.5 million views, more than 876,000 likes and around 13,000 comments. And we can easily understand its success, since the scene is improbable. Since the internet has been around, cats have taken a prominent place, and this excerpt proves once again that this is not about to change!

Credit: bennynazareth / TikTok

Credit: bennynazareth / TikTok

Credit: bennynazareth / TikTok

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