ATP, Finance > Uniqlo unveils special cap for Roger Federer’s retirement, fans not ready…

ATP, Finance > Uniqlo unveils special cap for Roger Federer's retirement, fans not ready…

The main sponsor of Roger Federer since 2018 and the confusion between the Swiss and the American giant Nike, Uniqlo, a brand of Japanese origin, has decided to strike two months after Roger’s official retirement from the courts.

In fact, the company, which was established in 1974, has decided to release a “RF commemorative retirement cap”. A very pompous name to indicate to the many fans of Federer that they will be able to order a unique model with the golden logo on a black background, not forgetting the inscription “RForever” on the back of the object.

A unique model that fans of the man with 103 career trophies are likely to “fight”.


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