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Brooklyn Beckham: after marrying Nicola Peltz, he is ready to start a family

Brooklyn Beckham revealed his desire to have children as a young father to the Mirror. After a few months of marriage to Nicola Peltz, he says he is ready to have children.

Brooklyn Beckham23 years old, and Nicola Peltz, 27, were married on April 9 in an intimate ceremony at a Peltz family estate in Palm Beach, Florida. The two lovebirds live a true idyll, although a rumor abouta conflict between Nicola Peltz and Victoria Beckham had circulated recently. According to Mirrorsays David Beckham’s son to himself ready to be a father now. He even wanted to start a big family with his wife Nicola Peltz-Beckham. “He said he wanted to be like his father and have small children“, reports the medium. Motivated and visibly ready, Brooklyn Beckham wastes no time and will take the step.

In his father’s footsteps. note that David Beckham was also 23 year when he and his wife had Brooklyn Beckham, a year before the two stars married. Becoming a young father like his father is a dream that the aspiring chef cherishes. Brooklyn Beckham told People that he wanted one bunch of kids, but that he respected his wife and that the final decision was up to him. “I could have had children yesterday. It’s obviously my wife’s body, but I’ve always wanted to have a lot of kids around me“, he had declared.”It’s something I really want to do. And my father was young when he had me. He was 23 years old. And I’m 23 now. I always wanted to be a young father“, he added. The influence of his parents’ choice certainly has to do with Brooklyn Beckham’s decision, as he has seven siblings.

David Beckham is his son’s idol

Nicola Peltz, for her part, had confided that she was not as busy as her husband with becoming a mother. She wants wait a few years before you take the plunge. In his momentum, Brooklyn Beckham had also confided that he had learned a lot from his father. Proud father’s son points out that his father was a very hard worker. One of the best pieces of advice David Beckham would have given his eldest son would be “to be nice to everyone“. Brooklyn is also a very big fan of his father’s dressing style. He even joked about ithe stole clothes to his father. Only the son wants to find his own more style-oriented style of dressing”skater“.

Recently, Brooklyn Beckham opened his new kitchen business. What prompted many trolls and jokes. The soccer legend’s son teaches people how to cook meals like fish sandwich or french fries. He also reportedly switched to pasta and wanted to immerse himself even more in making homemade pasta for his wife, according to People. An intention that obviously does not leave Nicola Peltz untouched, since the couple was seen eating the fruit of Brooklyn’s labor in bed with their dogs.



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