Home Kitchen Epiphany 2022: the top of the best galettes des rois de Lyon | food and drinks

Epiphany 2022: the top of the best galettes des rois de Lyon | food and drinks

Epiphany 2022: the top of the best galettes des rois de Lyon |  food and drinks

The Most Divine: Dorner Brothers

After winning the hearts of many gourmets during the Lyon Street Food Festival, the pastry shop Dorner Frères recently moved to the 6th arrondissement of Lyon. For Epiphany, the artists pull out two galette recipes that are literally to die for: a classic Frangipane and a much more daring one based on hazelnuts, Sobacha (toasted buckwheat) and Cognac Martell.

The Dorner brothers
91 boulevard des Belges – Lyon 6
Such. : 04 72 83 96 28

The most organic: Antoinette

The undisputed queen of the 7th arrondissement, the bakery Antoinette quickly made a name for itself by offering exclusive products made from organic flour. So inevitably, the galette is of the same style with its traditional filling and its puff pastry dress with almond cream or subtle brioche. Fêve dans la galette: each composition is garnished with handmade feves specially created by ceramist Alejandra Tardy. To preserve an eternal memory of this treat.

Antoinette Bread and Brioche
117 rue Sébastien Gryphe – Lyon 7
Such. : 04 72 72 99 69

The most generous: Le Pain du Gone

Le Pain du Gone, specializing in the preparation of generous breads, sumptuous cakes and delicious pastries, also knows how to please young and old for Epiphany. This year it’s a square pancake that will delight your taste buds. Three flavors available: frangipane, apples and frangipane chocolate. Something to vary the pleasures and satisfy the most discerning palates.

Gone bread
102 Cours Lafayette – Lyon 3
From €24.50

The most Instagrammable: Bouillet

The patron saint of Lyon pastry naturally offers a galette des rois, and not least: Séb’ (we are close friends) is above all very beautiful, but also good. Impossible to get him off the charts as his creations are always a hit… Whether you’re more traditional, a Tatin-style galette or a chocolate-raspberry mix, you’ll be drooling.

Sebastien Bouillet
14 rue des Archers – Lyon 2nd / 15th place de la Croix-Rousse – Lyon 4th / 78 Avenue des Frères Lumière – Lyon 8th
From €19.80

The most premium: Sap

Maison Sève has always been at the top of its class and has been for a long time. Why ? Because it offers warm and tasty pancakes with the small touch of rum that goes well. More expensive than the others, we assure you they are still worth the detour. Favorite for the version decorated with red chocolates… Yummy!

Sap House
29 Quai Saint-Antoine – Lyon 2 / 102 cours Lafayette – Lyon 3rd / 42 boulevard Eugène Deruelle – Lyon 3rd
From €22

The most fashionable: Guillaume Flochon

Among the most delicious cakes in Lyon, Guillaume Flochon delights many taste buds throughout the region. And like every year, the famous pastry chef has just unveiled his galette des rois. Here we focus on the classic with a delicious frangipane composition that is as crisp on the surface as it melts inside. A unique taste that could make you even happier this year: Flochon has teamed up with Maison CELINNI, a diamond jeweler based in Lyon, to win a magnificent 18k 750/1000 yellow gold pendant set with a 0.25 carat round diamond for a value of €980. A special bean will be hidden in one of the cookies in the house…

Guillaume Flochon
26 bis Rue Masaryk – Lyon 9
€29.90 for 6 people

The lightest: Partisan Boulanger

A favorite among testers for several years, this cake is especially appreciated for its lightness and finesse. Well, we’re still on a guilty pleasure, but to a lesser degree with a good praline glaze (perfect if you’re not a fan of frangipane). And it helps to ensure a good and smooth transition after the festive food binge. Must be tested as soon as possible!

Support Baker
2 rue du Chariot d’Or – Lyon 4

The most rum-friendly: Délice des Sens

Their galette earns a place in the rankings every year thanks to its affordable price, taste and design. It is difficult to better bear its name than this institution, which has become a master in the art of sublimating sweet pleasures without torturing our wallets. In frangipane, lemon-hazelnut and chocolate versions we love and recommend (especially for rum lovers).

Delight of the senses
12 boulevard des Brotteaux – Lyon 6. / 112 cours Lafayette – Lyon 3.
From €23.10


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