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Here are the French’s favorite dog breeds

Animal protection site Le Mammouth Déchaîné has unveiled its ranking of the French’s favorite dogs for the year 2022. A few surprises are included.

With approximately 7.6 million dogs in France, more than a quarter of households in the country have at least one. A love for these four-legged companions that some breeds enjoy more than others.

The website Le Mammouth Déchaîné, committed to protecting domestic animals by giving owners the opportunity to learn about the behavior to adopt or by explaining the steps to be taken in case of a health problem, has published a ranking of the twenty favorite races in the hexagon.

This ranking is based on the information provided by the owners of the site, which describes the types of companions they have. The sample thus took into account 11,000 dogs, registered or not in the LOF register. That is why the French really have them at home.

Australian Shepherd


American Staffordshire terrier

border collie

staffordshire bull terrier

French bulldog

German Shepherd Dog


belgian shepherd

Jack Russell

Golden retriever





English cocker spaniel

Cavalier King Charles



Miniature American Shepherd

Note that this ranking focuses on breeds and therefore could not take into account dogs from a “mix”, the site reports. However, they are present in 35% of cases.

Le Mammouth Déchaîné took advantage of the publication of this study to remind you that offering a dog for Christmas should not be done on a whim. This is an important decision that costs money and time throughout the animal’s life.



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