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Loan to request for financing the energy renovation of your home

Haro on the rest to be worn! While support for energy renovation of homes is regularly increased by the public authorities, it does not (yet) cover the full cost of the work carried out. When all these bonuses and nudges are subtracted from the bill, households therefore often have to pay several thousand euros in “outstanding costs”. This naturally constitutes a brake for the most modest among them. Fortunately, several loan mechanisms can be requested to help you make the leap. Starting with a zero-rate eco-loan (eco-PTZ).


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Öko-PTZ was created in 2009 after the Grenelle de l’environnement and is an interest-free loan distributed by certain banks. It is awarded without a means test to all owners who rent or occupy their property, and the amount depends on the work carried out. For individual works, the amount is, for example, up to 30,000 euros:

  • 7,000 euros for 1 work action on the glass walls;
  • 15,000 euros for 1 labor act of a different nature;
  • 25,000 euros for a lot of 2 works;
  • 30,000 euros for a lot of 3 works or more.

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For minor works carried out on an ad hoc basis, the loan must be repaid within a maximum period of 15 years. Its conditions, on the other hand, are much more favorable if it is a general renovation of the home, via a bouquet of works. In this case, the borrowed amount can reach 50,000 euros and the repayment period 20 years. The only limitation: it will first be necessary to have an energy audit of the property by an architect or design office to calculate its energy consumption. Because to benefit from this “boosted” eco-PTZ, the work must allow the house to reach at least class E of the energy performance diagnosis (DPE) or lead to an energy saving of at least 35%.

Good news, then: the government has just announced the distribution of a new rate for owners who benefit from MaPrimeRénov’. Until now, when an owner benefited from this subsidy and wanted to finance his remaining dependents using an eco-PTZ, he had to approach a bank and present a certain number of supporting documents. Documents that he had generally already delivered to the National Housing Agency (Anah) to get MaPrimeRénov ‘.


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Abandon the double steps: From now on, getting help from Anah will be enough to request an Eco PTZ. The bank will then formulate a loan proposal supported by the information sent by the agency. This should be a serious time saver for owners. This simplified procedure has already been implemented in the networks of the BPCE group (Banque Populaire and Caisse d’Epargne) and should be rolled out in the coming weeks by Crédit Agricole and Banque Postale.

The renovation advance loan

The Climate and Resilience Law of 2021 then created another system: the renovation advance loan. This mortgage is aimed at people who cannot borrow under traditional conditions, especially the elderly and households with very modest incomes. It allows to postpone the repayment of the borrowed capital until the transfer of the property, that is, its resale, or within the framework of an inheritance. “The renovation advance loan is not quite aimed at the same public as the eco-PTZ, but it is still a supplement to it: For households that have the capacity to take on debt, the bank will distribute the eco-PTZ in advance. And for those who seniors who do not have this capacity, the bank will be able to offer a renovation advance loan”, informs the Ministry of Housing.

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Note, however, that this loan pays off as it earns interest. Its amount also depends on the age of the borrower and the value of his property. At La Banque Postale, a borrower under the age of 60 can e.g. benefit from a loan equal to 70% of the value of his property before work and a borrower over 60 years of age from an amount between 25 and 45% of the value of his property. property. Crédit Mutuel, for its part, provides a loan of between 5,000 and 30,000 euros, after studying the case.

Third party financing companies

Another option for financing your energy renovation work: Call a third-party financing company. The principle is as follows: the company manages the entire operation, from the design of the works to their completion, and integrates the financing. This third party identifies the support that can be mobilized, requests it on behalf of the households, calculates the remaining part to be paid for the work and proposes a financing plan over several years, including the energy savings made.

This financing offer can then contain a zero-rate loan offer, either in the form of a loan when the company is approved, or in the form of a free advance. The company then reimburses itself through a monthly payment whose amount corresponds approximately to the energy savings achieved at the end. Currently, only two third-party financing companies are authorized to distribute eco-PTZ: Île-de-France Energies and the Regional Board of SPEE (Public Service for Energy Efficiency) Hauts de France. But this experiment should be continued and expanded in the next Finance Act.


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Finally, note that you can also apply for help distributed by your municipality. These can take the form of direct support or a subsidized loan and can sometimes be combined with other public subsidies. To find out the support available in your municipality, department or region, go to the website of the National Agency for Information on Housing (Anil) or at your France Rénov desk.



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