Meeting on Monday between representatives of the analysis laboratories and the Health Insurance, take out the gloves!

Rencontre lundi entre les représentants des labo d’analyse et l’Assurance maladie, sortez les gants !

Let us recall what is at stake in the dispute: The government intends to charge the laboratories – whose profits have increased sharply due to the tests carried out during the health crisis – via the bill to finance, among other things, social security for 2023.

The biologists expect their interview with the director of health insurance, Thomas Fatôme, “a written and price-calculated proposal” that do not cross “Red Line”, namely one “plane strike” of 250 million euros for the year 2023 alone, explains the president of the Alliance for Medical Biology (ABM), Alain Le Meur.

They also reject a permanent reduction in the pricing of actions and demand visibility on the budget for 2024 and 2025. If they do not win their case, they plan a strike movement from November 14.

Biologists resumed transmission of test results on November 2

On October 27, the laboratories suspended the transmission of the results of their RT-PCR screening tests (Covid tests) to the national SI-DEP file, making it more difficult to monitor the evolution of the epidemic.

This stunt drew the ire of the government, which condemned a boycott “unacceptable”. Biologists resumed transmission of test results on November 2 to show a “opening sign”, according to the chairman of the ABM, which brings together the trade unions and the main groups of laboratories.

Budget Minister Gabriel Attal pointed out last week that labs had made significant profits thanks to Covid tests paid for by Social Security over the past two years, with margins that have gone from “18% to 26%”.

For Alain Le Meur, these advantages shown by the government do not take “without taking into account the investments made and the cost of our debt”. “If the reduction in the price of our actions was permanent, we would divide our results by six”, he assured.

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