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“My husband brought the wrong dog home from the groomer, he didn’t even notice it” (video)

A San Jose, Calif. resident was left speechless when her husband brought the wrong dog home from the groomer. CoCo Salazar had just finished a 15-hour day’s work when she asked her husband to pick up their dog, BooBear, from the groomer so he wouldn’t have to, reports the Mirror.

When her husband Rudy came into the grooming parlour, he said he “helped his wife CoCoand that he was there to pick up the dog she had dropped off earlier. With that, he was handed a white dog and he headed home.

But seconds after he walked through the door, CoCo noticed something was wrong with their pet and asked her husband to take a good look at the dog he was holding.

Everyone tells me that I do too much, ask your family to help you. After a 15 hour day at work, my wonderful husband said to me, “Honey, how can I help you?. I said, ‘You can pick up BooBear from the groomer for me and here’s what happens… He comes home with the wrong dog“, says the woman on Facebook.

They gave him a dog named Coco because he said I was helping my wife CoCo. The best husband in the world! He had one job.

Fortunately, she was able to see the funny side of things and the couple quickly found their beloved BooBear. The scene which took place on December 27, 2019 was shared by the Daily Mail on October 17.



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