What is the future for the Alliance, but especially for the Renault-Nissan duo? According to Luca de Meo, director of the diamond group, the two want to continue their collaboration.

Published on 10-11-2022 by Nolwenn Guengant

Luca de Meo is optimistic about the future of Renault and Nissan. For the Renault group’s CEO, the discussions with Nissan are complex. However, the two emblematic members of the Alliance (with Mitsubishi) want to continue their journey together.

The impact of the Ghosn affair

During an interview with BFMTV, Luca de Meo indicated that Renault and Nissan have been discussing the development of the Alliance for several months. The important thing is that we agreed that we must continue together, said Luca de Meo, whose group wants a more equal relationship. For now, we don’t know what elements make these famous discussions complex. Luca de Meo merely referred to a calendar dictated by fact [que Renault et Nissan doivent parvenir trouver] agreement on hundreds of themes. According to several sources, Renault could reduce its stake in Nissan, which would drop from 43% to 15%. The goal? Free up money to invest in technologies related to the car of the future. Nissan, for its part, could invest in Ampere (Renault’s electrical activities). The Carlos Ghosn affair obviously did not help relations between the two groups. Luca de Meo admitted that there is distrust. I am convinced that the long relationship we have with Nissan and Mitsubishi is an asset for Renault and for Nissan, apart from modernizing it, it has to be prepared for the challenges, he added.

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