Retailleau assures that Les Républicains “will have to submit one” but that they are “not ready”

LR’s presidential candidate believes that the party is still in a “moment of weakness” and that it must first “redefine new software”.

The right narrowly saves the government. It lacked 50 votes to reject the government. We are ready for succession.It is in these terms that Jean-Luc Mélenchon commented on the failure of the vote of no confidence, put forward by Nupes and voted against all odds at the National Rally, on Monday 24 October. This is also how l’Insoumis emphasized the key role of the Republicans, who have the reservoir of votes needed to overturn the president’s majority. But the party remains true to its line for the time being, with Republican presidential candidate Bruno Retailleau assuring that elected officials are not yet “readyto skip the movement.

Marine Le Pen took a step. What is the point of mixing your own voices with Melenchonist voices?This is the question asked by Bruno Retailleau, leader of the LR senators, on Tuesday morning at the recordings of France Info. For the elected representative of the Vendée, his party’s position is clear: “We are resolutely in opposition.“And the votes of right-wing MPs, now so central, make the latter”the masters of time“: “The master of watches is no longer Emmanuel Macron.»

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“We must control the time”

It is with this new role in mind that Bruno Retaileau believes we must first wait. “During this five-year period, we must present a vote of no confidence. I sincerely think so. I am not an MP, but I trust my colleagues“, said the senator thus. But”today, the vote of no confidence, it would undoubtedly be a dissolution, again a Macronist majority, even in the context of the National Assembly, and we would not have advanced an iota“, he then explained. Before insisting thatit is not up to us to endure the time“. And to continue:We have to check the weather and I think today we are not ready.»

For the pretender to lead the party, “we are in a moment of weaknesscaused by the poor results in the presidential election. It is therefore “prepare“and”redefine new software“. “Why would one choose this weak moment to do hara-kiri?“, he pretended to question, while the threat of a dissolution could further weaken the Republicans’ already reduced troops at the Palais Bourbon.

Invited at the same time on BFMTV, his competitor for the presidency of LR, Éric Ciotti, did not give exactly the same speech. According to him, the party has thatthis weapon“in his hands, but will only use it”if the interest of the country requires it, because what matters is always the general interest of the country.»

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