She loses her dog and a world famous star brings it back to her!

She loses her dog and a world famous star brings it back to her!

The least we can say is that Chelsea Blackwell was very lucky and met the right people on her way.

It is in the city of Albany, in the State of New York, in the United States, that this story took place that the main interested party will probably never forget. It all starts when Chelsea Blackwell discovers that her dog, named Blue, has disappeared. Immediately, she decides to go looking for him and criss-crosses the neighborhood by car.

It’s when she sees a little commotion that she decides to slow down and go see if anyone has seen her little dog.

Dog found while filming

There were eight police cars and people with cameras. A film set installed in the heart of the city. Chelsea Blackwell does not hesitate for a second and asks the police if her dog has not been seen.

It is there that someone explains to him that the star of the filming has indeed found a small dog in the street. An hour later, a gray car arrives and Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank gets out of the vehicle with Blue in her arms, which she returns to her human. She even offers Chelsea Blackwell to immortalize this reunion via a photo.

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