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Taha Bouhafs’ lawyer, Arié Alimi, chooses not to defend him anymore after the accusations of sexual assault against the activist LFI

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Taha Bouhas’ lawyer has published a long text in which he explains in particular that he can no longer represent the former legislative candidate, after the accusations of sexual assault against him.

“Taha killed me”. This is how Arié Alimi had chosen to summarize on Twitter his post, published on the Mediapart blog this Thursday evening, before withdrawing his publication. The one who was until then the lawyer – in addition to being the friend – of Taha Bouhafs, whose interests he defended in several cases, announced his choice not to represent the former legislative candidate for the New popular, ecological and social union.

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A choice that follows the accusations of sexual violence against the young 25-year-old activist, so “against the principles” that the lawyer says he wants to defend. “Everyone knows the ties that bind me to him. The friendship that we have had and which has grown in the struggles and the procedures that we have carried out together. However, I have chosen not to be his lawyer, because our closeness is incompatible with the distance necessary for the exercise of the profession of lawyer”, he says in his text.

He argues that “victims must be able to publicly denounce” their attackers, and that they must be able to do so in “a benevolent place”. He adds that “the victims, all the victims, must be believed in principle”, while wanting to respect the principles of the “rule of law” implying a “fair trial” during which the accused must be able to “have knowledge of the nature of the facts of which he is accused, of the number of his accusers and of the reasons for which he is accused”. Which is not the case in the case concerning Taha Bouhafs, according to the lawyer.

“Let an inquiry be made”

He thus wishes “that an investigation be made” since these accusations were publicly revealed. “But let it be done and let it be accounted for, so that my friend, or ordinary citizen, can get an idea and position myself in relation to these accusations and in relation to him”, he explains again. Without being involved in it in his capacity as the defendant’s lawyer, therefore.

As a reminder, last week, La France Insoumise announced that it had opened an internal investigation after having received accusations of harassment and sexual violence within La France insoumise itself against Taha Bouhafs. The latter had been invested by LFI in the 14th district of the Rhône as a candidate for the Nupes in the legislative elections. He had announced his withdrawal just before the affair broke out.



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