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The Commission must fight back – Release


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The “green deal made in the USA” is a huge incentive to move investment outside of Europe. The EU Commission must come out of its ideological coma and protect its interests, MEP Emmanuel Maurel believes.

Trade relations between the European Union and the United States have suddenly become strained, bringing them into the public arena by the Commission, but also by Germany and France on the occasion of the publication of“Inflation Reduction Act” (IRA). This unprecedented plan provides 370 billion in subsidies to companies established across the Atlantic to accelerate the energy transition and the ecological transition.

Europeans have every reason to fear the IRA. This program not only subsidizes companies engaged in the fight against climate change, but it conditions support for the manufacture of key components for electric vehicles and their assembly on site. This “green deal made in the USA” is therefore a huge incentive to move investment outside of Europe, precisely at the time when it is hit hard by the energy crisis.

The IRA is likely to be the subject of an EU complaint to the World Trade Organization (WTO). But this approach has no c




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