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the suspect’s lawyer wants to “stop the misinformation and lies”

“This motive is absolutely not verified, it is false, it was never considered,” he said.

Dahbia B., 24, was indicted on Monday for murder and aggravated rape of a minor, then placed in pre-trial detention. No aggravating circumstances relating to racism have been retained at this stage of the investigation. “The political debate or recuperation […] which stem from this rumor and of course from the OQTF”, the obligation to leave the territory which had been issued in August to his client, is “a political question which I will not consider since I am only a modest lawyer,” commented Me Silva.

The circumstances of Lola’s death and the profile of the suspect, an Algerian national, have sparked strong criticism from the right and the far right, who have blamed the government for mishandling irregular immigration.


The lawyer also made a point of recalling that, contrary to what “interveners on the sets” of television assert, “there are a certain number of particularly serious offenses which incur incompressible life imprisonment, that is that is to say without the possibility for the person of ever leaving prison”.

“The offense which is specifically alleged against my client belongs to one of these qualifications”, underlined Me Silva. In addition, he recalled that a person declared criminally irresponsible “can spend his entire life in a psychiatric hospital as soon as he is not deemed fit to be released, if I may say so”. he insisted.

As in any criminal procedure, one or more psychiatric expert opinions will be ordered during the investigation to determine the criminal responsibility of Dahbia B., who is said to be suffering from psychiatric disorders. “I bring these details because these misinformation or even these lies have the effect in the mind of the public of arousing anxiety and above all of not having confidence in French justice”, also affirmed Me Silva.



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