Home United State USA: “AMERICA NEEDS A SUPERHERO!” Trump unveils his insanely priced trading card game

USA: “AMERICA NEEDS A SUPERHERO!” Trump unveils his insanely priced trading card game

USA: “AMERICA NEEDS A SUPERHERO!”  Trump unveils his insanely priced trading card game

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Former US President Donald Trump launches his collection of NFTs, an already outdated phenomenon, as he loses his footing in his own party.

Donald Trump explained on December 14 that he was preparing a “MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT”, a month after his new candidacy for the US presidency for 2024. It has been done since he unveiled a trading card game on December 15, with an exorbitant price: 99 dollars per .

“America needs a superhero. I’m making a BIG REVIEW tomorrow.” Following this announcement on his Truth Social network, the former president launched a collection of “Donald Trump digital cards”, in NFT version. These NFTs are digital proofs of ownership that indicate that this virtual copy of the card belongs to you.

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“Great Artistic Creations”

“These are like baseball cards, but you collect them digitally, on your computer or phone. All you need is an email address and a credit card to start collecting 1, 10, 20 or 100. Instantly join a new league of collectors,” says his website collecttrumpcards.com

“These limited edition cards are ‘wonderful artistic creations about my life and my career,'” promises the Republican billionaire. Among the various models: a Trump superhero, boxer, astronaut, Formula 1 driver…

Trump NFT Models

Trump NFT Models
screenshot collecttrumpcards.com

A “very good idea for a Christmas present” according to the former president. But that’s not all: Some of these cards promise special rewards, such as an hour-long golf session with Donald Trump or a Zoom Q&A session.

Trump in bad shape for 2024

This surprise announcement has been parodied in the Democratic camp, with President Joe Biden, for example, taunting his opponent by proclaiming “BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS” touting the successes of his own mandate on all fronts.

I also had some BIG announcements the past few weeks…

u2714ufe0f Inflation is slowing down
u2714ufe0f I just signed the Respect for Marriage Act
u2714ufe0f We brought Brittney Griner home
u2714ufe0f Gas prices are lower than a year ago
u2714ufe0f 10,000 new high paying jobs in Arizona

—Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) 15 December 2022

It remains to be seen whether this purely commercial campaign will be able to save the career of the former Republican leader: Ron de Santis, the governor of Florida, took the lead over the ex-president in a recent poll. , according to the BBC.


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